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The layout of your system must be both appealing and practical.  Visitors want to see the data they need without having to click through many screens to see what they need.  Ideally the front screen should present this information immediately.  This is not always possible because of the contest for screen space.  It is common for the front screen of a real estate application to provide a list of summary information (often called teasers) about available properties.  The Soft Fish Real Estate website design provides enormous flexibility regarding the teaser contents and appearance and this can be changed by the user administrator, possibly a member of your own staff.

Soft Fish Real Estate features a three column teaser by default and all fields in the teaser are arranged into these columns.  As noted elsewhere all propery data including calculated fields are stored in the Soft Fish Real Estate application and are therefore available for inclusion in the teaser as required by the customer.  The number of columns featured can be changed from the default of three.  So also can the actual fields that are stored and the way they are presented in the Soft Fish Real Estate application.  Then which of these fields are included in the teaser, the columns in which they appear and their order of appearance can all be changed at any time.

The constraining factor with teaser contents is the space available.  The contest between maximising the number of teasers visible to a visitor (suggesting a minimalist teaser solution) and within this constraint maximising the information thereby maintaining the visitors attention should be the agencies choice.  Soft Fish Real Estate allows the agency to always make the most appropriate choice to suit their individual business.