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Being able to quickly find properties they are looking for is important way to keep visitors on your site.  The Advanced Property Search function of the Soft Fish Real Estate system provides visitors to your site with the ability to search for properties they are interested in on any of the fields you have defined in your system.  Usually search features include locality or suburb, property type, price range and number of bedrooms. 

Sometimes there are too many fields, sometimes too few, sometimes the fields are inappropriate.  Our Real Estate system provides all of the choices, but it also allows you to specify additional fields that you require.  For example if you specialise in storage space and this is a field you have added to your configuration then you can easily add storage space availability as a search field. 

Furthermore you can add our system's generic search feature to search for any word the visitor chooses through the entire property text in the database.  This means that if the visitor wants to find features you haven't categorised they can still be found for example "large garage", or  "spa".  This makes the system more useful for the visitor and therefore more likely to stay on your site, rather than stray to a competitors.