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Quick Startup

Sometimes its necessary to get your Real Estate system up and running quickly.  The change to a new system shouldn't mean a compromise just to get up and running quickly.  Soft Fish Real Estate is a flexible specialist Real Estate system packaged to meet the needs of a typical agency.  Because it is pre-packaged it can be used immediately without the need for time consuming and costly development resources.  This can get you up and running in the shortest possible time for a low entry price, but with a robust, powerful and flexible Real Estate system.

Viewing Times

Viewing times of current listings are shown and include columns of interest.  Column names and their order can be changed.  Furthermore additional fields of your choosing can be added as required, allowing the provision of fields specific to you business to be presented on this very visible listing.   Visitors can preview listings and sort listings by clicking on column headings.  It would also be possible to add searching and filtering facilities so that visitors are presented with only the information they need.

Google Maps

Google maps are an intrinsic component of the Soft Fish Real Estate system.  They provide a graphical indication of property location to the visitor and also provide for address validation for the agent.  But google maps also provide very useful suplimentary information for clients.






Unique Appearance

Your website's appearance says much about who you are, so you should choose your website's presentation carefully.  A visitor's first good impression could help them decide to place their property with you.  Themes are the special look and feel, or "presentation" of a website and the Soft Fish Real Estate system comes with a broad spectrum of themes (See our portfolio page).  We offer four Core themes and then additional Alternate and Bespoke choices as well. 

User Specified Fields

Every business has its own unique features, it is these that differentiate them from their competitors.  These businesses then in turn need their computer systems to support these unique features and often these translate into specific data fields.  For example if your business's speciality is disabled access you need to store information relating to your properties' disabled access features.  The Soft Fish Real Estate website system provides the ability to add a virtually unlimited number and type of fields to meet your existing and future needs. 

Advanced Property Search

Being able to quickly find properties they are looking for is important way to keep visitors on your site.  The Advanced Property Search function of the Soft Fish Real Estate system provides visitors to your site with the ability to search for properties they are interested in on any of the fields you have defined in your system.  Usually search features include locality or suburb, property type, price range and number of bedrooms.